She Cares by Sheroes

There’s so much going on in a woman’s life. Much of our challenges derived from being working moms, and getting sick is not an option. But sometimes our health cannot keep up with us. That’s why I am going to introduce to you a product specially made for women, the She Cares by Sheroes.

She Cares by Sheroes offers a 3-in-1 solution that is customizable to carefully address your health, protection, and investment needs as a hardworking Filipina. It helps you prepare for your financial future so you can prioritize caring for yourself and give your best self to the people that you love.

She Cares is brought to us by the InLife Sheroes movement, a partnership between Insular Life and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group that aims to make good things happen for more Filipino women through insurance and health solutions. The advantages of this product are:

Superior Health Benefits

Now, you have the ability to choose which health benefit would be most suitable for you. Because you know yourself best, you can design your plan so that you get only what you need. It can be based one your habits, your family history, your environment — your choice! 

Lifestyle Diseases
  • Diabetes. The body of a diabetes patient cannot produce insulin. That’s why regular insulin injections are needed to control blood sugar levels. With She Cares, you will be given a one-time cash payment to help you manage the costs that come with the treatment. This applies if you have diabetes now or if it occurs in the future.
  • Other Diseases. Even when we try to be intentional with our choices, we are constantly exposed to less healthy and more instant options. This has made diseases commonplace. She Cares is designed to address that through cash payouts that can help with treatment costs if you are diagnosed with any of the covered female-specific cancers (Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Cervical Cancer) and lifestyle acquired diseases (other cancers, heart attack, and stroke).
Treatment and Care

Being confined in the hospital can get stressful. That’s why we want to lessen the burden for you. With the hospitalization benefit that She Cares provides, you will receive a daily cash allowance to help you with your expenses if the confinement is caused by a sickness or an injury. An additional allowance will also be given if a surgical procedure is required for you to get better.

Prolonged Protection

When you’re well into your senior years and feel you need health benefits the most, She Cares will still be there for you. Coverage is until age 70.

Higher Coverage

You can keep supporting your family financially even when you’re no longer around with the life insurance benefit. It’s a payout to your beneficiary equivalent to 5x the amount you pay in premiums annually plus the amount you’ve accumulated in your investment fund.

Fund Growth

She Cares is a VUL (variable unit linked) insurance plan. This means that there is a built-in savings component combined with the life insurance benefit. Here, your money is placed into a fund which invests in other financial instruments — stocks, bonds, treasury bills, time deposits, etc. — depending on the amount of risk you are comfortable with. Through time, your investment will grow, allowing you to fund your goals and seize them!

Additional Benefits

You have the option to add more benefits to your She Cares plan for extra protection against accidents, disability, and hospitalization. It all depends on what you think you need.

With She Cares, providing a lifetime for good for yourself to make it even better for your loved ones has never been easier. Connect with an InLife Advisor today. 

Talk to an InLife Financial Advisor

To discuss this product, and to get you on your way to financial freedom, please leave your information below.

Published by Meg Pedro

Meg Pedro was born in the Philippines in 1993. She is a financial adviser and loves to share her learning with many. Aside from financial planning, she also loves land use planning in cities and municipalities.

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