Solid Cover

Life is full of uncertainty. With all the risks when we go out, being a breadwinner shoulders us with much more responsibility than we ever thought. We think of the questions that start with “what if?”. We fear that when we get disabled, got sick, or died suddenly, our family might starve. This is true to my friend who have 4 kids. Her kids are all under 18 and she feared that when she became a widow, she won’t be able to support their way of living. So, I introduced this young couple to Solid Cover.

Solid Cover is a peso-denominated, regular pay, investment-linked insurance product that offers maximum protection for as low as Php 1,700 per month or Php 20,000 per year (Php 55 per day). They get maximum protection for their family with InLife’s Solid Cover because of the following:

  • Only Php 55 per day. Minimum premium of P1,700 per month or P20,000 per year.
  • 10 year Guaranteed Coverage. Continuous coverage for 10 years regardless of market conditions for as long as premiums are paid and no withdrawals are made.
  • 180x Annual Premium. Maximum coverage you can get (depends on age and rating).
  • Living Benefit. Withdrawable funds to cover lifestyle expenses or family bonding expenses.
Sample Computation

For a 35 year old individual with an annual premium of Php20K and insurance coverage of Php 3.2M, here is how Solid Cover works:

Solid Cover provides continuous coverage for 10 years despite dips in market performance, for as long as premiums are paid and no withdrawals have been made. You will continue to be insured and benefits will be paid to your beneficiaries even if there are no withdrawable funds. Insular Life had been true to its promise because when my friend checked her fund values this market crash of 2020 it was all zeroes but her insurance is still active.

You can add the following benefits to enhance this plan: Accidental Death Benefit, Dread Disease Rider, Hospitalization Plus Rider, Hospitalization Rider, Payor’s Rider, Special Accident Rider, Special Accident Rider with Disability Indemnity, Waiver of Premium Benefit

Talk to an InLife Financial Advisor

To discuss this product, and to get you on your way to financial freedom, please leave your information below.

Published by Meg Pedro

Meg Pedro was born in the Philippines in 1993. She is a financial adviser and loves to share her learning with many. Aside from financial planning, she also loves land use planning in cities and municipalities.

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