Wealth Assure

This one is one of the most favorite product in our list. And for a good reason! It has lower initial charges that investors who want to be protected, too can take advantage of. While not only the investors life is protected in any Variable Unit Linked Investment (VUL) life insurance, their investments also are not subject to garnishment or is tax-free. That’s really quite a deal, if you ask me.

Wealth Assure is an investment-linked, life insurance plan that provides financial protection against life’s uncertainties, while allowing investment earnings over time. Here are the advantages to consider:

  • More Financial Protection. Your life insurance benefits is equivalent to 5x the annual regular premium PLUS the accumulated fund value.
  • Faster Fund Growth. Lower initial charges translate to a bigger portion of your premium allocated to the investment side of the product, allowing funds to accumulate faster.
  • Competitive Earnings. By investing in high performing funds composed of fixed income assets, equities or both, you earn more than regular savings products.
  • Flexibility. You can increase coverage for added protection through riders or add to your investment through top-ups, without purchasing another policy.

You can add the following benefits to enhance this plan: Accidental Death Benefit, Dread Disease Rider, Hospitalization Plus Rider, Hospitalization Rider, Payor’s Rider, Special Accident Rider, Special Accident Rider with Disability Indemnity, Waiver of Premium Benefit, Wavier of Premium Supplementary to Payor’s Rider

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Published by Meg Pedro

Meg Pedro was born in the Philippines in 1993. She is a financial adviser and loves to share her learning with many. Aside from financial planning, she also loves land use planning in cities and municipalities.

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