Wealth Secure Health

Nowadays, nothing is more important than our health. It is as important as time. Without good health, it will be difficult for us to perform our responsibilities in and outside our homes. This is why investing for your health is such an important thing to do. Let me introduce to you an affordable option of investing for your health, having a Wealth Secure Heath.

Wealth Secure Health is an investment-linked, life insurance plan that provides funds to shoulder health-related expenses, augments lost income due to sickness and covers treatment of serious illnesses. Consider the advantages of Wealth Secure Health:

  • Lifetime Coverage. Provides a ready source of funds for health related expenses until older ages, when no other hospitalization plan benefit would.
  • Lost Income Replacement. Gives daily cash allowance upon hospitalization due to sickness or injury.
  • Dread Disease Treatment. Grants cash to cover expenses of treatments. A separate lump-sum amount from your life insurance coverage.
  • Readily Available Funds. Lets you withdraw from your fund anytime to pay for illness-related costs.
  • Life Insurance Coverage. Provides benefits to your loved ones in case of demise.
  • Flexibility. Allows you to identify your specific hospitalization coverage.

You can add the following benefits to enhance this plan: Dread Disease Rider, Hospitalization Plus Rider, Hospitalization Rider

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Published by Meg Pedro

Meg Pedro was born in the Philippines in 1993. She is a financial adviser and loves to share her learning with many. Aside from financial planning, she also loves land use planning in cities and municipalities.

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