Investing for an ordinary Filipino at a young age seems like a very hard step of adulting. With all the pressures of the family where you’re being taught to give money for your parents, and social pressures such as treats, parties, and gadgets, you might had thought that investing is not a priority, or worst, you might not think of investing at all. Although these Filipino traits are “okay”, you should not forget about your future, too.

The first two questions you have to ask yourself before “how to invest at the young age” is “how much money do you need to achieve?” and “what is the purpose of your investment?”. Depending on that amount and purpose, is what’s going to determine the plan you need to get there. This plan is your roadmap to a successful investing because it will give clarity to your investing decisions every now and then. But let me warn you, this is straight-forward and personal. I am about to share EXACTLY what I’ve learned from my experiences and from various mentors.

We all know that earning money, through employment and/or business, is just one integral part of the equation. But earning money through passive income such as investment is also a good way to reach your financial goals faster. Remember that it is not our fault if we are born poor but it is our fault if we stay poor until we die.

To your investing success,

Wealth Secure Global

Do you want to invest in the global market, too? Investing is really risky if you have no idea what you are getting into. But did you know that you can invest safely in the global market through Wealth Secure Global? Wealth Secure Global is an investment-linked life insurance plan whose returns bank on theContinue reading “Wealth Secure Global”

Wealth Secure

Here’s another personal favorite that offers an affordable investment-linked insurance plan that you can benefit from while still living. It is called Wealth Secure. Setting aside a small amount regularly to increase your savings can do wonders in the future. These savings, if intended for a goal you wish to achieve five or more yearsContinue reading “Wealth Secure”

Wealth Assure Global

What if you are a kind of person who wants to invest in international markets but do not have dollars? It is possible now. Insular Life’s technology fund even got recognition from Bloomberg early this year for being the top fund! So let me share you this product called Wealth Assure Global. Wealth Assure Global isContinue reading “Wealth Assure Global”


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