“Everyday is education.”

The main goal of this blog is to share relevant information to the Filipino public about personal finance in order to uplift their financial situation. It is based mainly on my experiences and researches.

As a financial adviser, I do not want to confine my financial advises to my clients, family and friends. Because one of the main purpose why I started in this industry is to give a positive impact on every family I’ve touched. I’m just here to maximize it.

What People Say

Mahalaga ang itinuturo mo sa amin sa pag-unlad.

(Your teachings are vital to our growth.)

Rey, 32

Minsan mapapa-“ahh, ganun pala ‘yun” ka na lang.

(Sometimes, you’ll just say “Ahh, that’s how it works”.)

Jennifer, 27

With too much to read on the internet, some applies to us and some don’t, this is one of those gems that actually focusses on Filipinos.

Lilia, 30

Let’s connect together.

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