Retirement Fund Management

Comprehensive Group Plan or CGP is your unique employee retirement fund management and life insurance plan in one. It allows you to customize your retirement benefits schedule under the Defined Benefit scheme, and provides the option for your employees to add to their retirement program under the Defined Contribution scheme.

  • Compliant to RA 7641 (Retirement Pay Law)
  • Proper fund allocation with guaranteed interest plus upside potential
  • Protection from financial loss
  • Tax-qualification by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

Under this plan, the retirement fund may be insured and protected in case employees die ahead of retirement. It ensures fund preservation and will help manage your company’s cash flow.

CGP offers low valuation fee and low administrative charges, and the valuation method used is PAS19-R and IAS-19 compliant.

With Comprehensive Group Plan (CGP), InLife is your company’s plan administrator, your fund manager, and your life insurance provider in one!

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Health Care

Group Hospitalization provides a great range of treatment and coverage options for all members of corporations. Powered by Insular Health Care (IHC) wide network of medical institutions and physicians, it provides affordable health care benefits for your employees that may cover full fees of the doctors, diagnostic lab tests, hospital stays, annual physical examination, and more.

In-patient Benefits

Get treated by IHC-accredited medical specialists, and get coverage for room and board, medicines and medications during confinement and other health care services deemed necessary such as laboratory tests and blood transfusions.

Emergency Care Benefits

IHC provides coverage on expenses due to an emergency case such as ambulance services, physicians’ and emergency room fees, laboratory and other diagnostic examinations.

Apart from these, medical expenses in non-accredited hospitals and outside the country may be reimbursed.

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