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One of the reasons the poor are poor is because they do not invest money or time into their financial education.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, @theRealKiyosaki

5 Proven Ways to Escape the Debt Trap

Several people owe an entity or more within their lifetime.  In the Philippines, it is almost impossible not to have any debts or loans.  But having one doesn’t mean you are not financially capable of sustaining yourself.  Debts should only be managed right to convert it into a “good debt” from a bad one.

Crossing the Rubicon: An Introduction to Financial Planning for Young Adults

When was the last time you made a Rubicon decision?  A choice that changed your life? All of life is a risk of some sort.  And whenever we do something that the result is unsure, we are taking a risk.  Long ago, I came to understand that I should take a leap of faith towards making my destiny.  I have a very thought-provoking situation during my recent periods of existence and I believe that chasing for my future through financial planning was my Rubicon decision.

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The book was informative and I believe it will help me with my financial goals without too much problems because now I know what it is that I want specifically.

Christian C., 22

I was really skeptical in reading e-books. But these books that were gifted to me are so precious because it thought me how to take charge of my finances and do the things that I love at the same time. The writer is also easy to reach, and provides support all throughout the learning process. I must say, there are a lot more things that I should had learned a long time ago.

Janila B., 29

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