MedConsult Adults

Adults are not sick-proof people. In fact, our way of living today exposes us to risks of illnesses. That is why MedConsult Adults will be a handy voucher for you. This multiple-use health voucher provides a range of consultation services with IHC-accredited medical specialists and dentists. Services include face-to-face outpatient medical consultations with general physicians,Continue reading “MedConsult Adults”

ER Care All-In 80 Adults

With the changing times, it is really easy to get sick. We just do not know when will it happen. That’s why being ready will be your savior from financial despair that hospitalization and medical expenses give. Let me introduce you to ER Care All-In 80 Adults. This one-time use health care voucher provides upContinue reading “ER Care All-In 80 Adults”

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