MedConsult Kids

Do you worry about your kids, too? Kids indeed have weaker immunity than adults that is why MedConsult Kids will come handy for parents. This multiple-use health voucher provides a range of consultation services with IHC-accredited medical specialists and dentists and access to telemedicine. Services include face-to-face outpatient medical consultations with IHC-accredited pediatricians nationwide.

ER Care All-In 60 Kids

ER Care All-In 60 Kids is one-time use health care voucher provides up to Php 60,000 worth of coverage for emergency cases due to accidents and viral and bacterial illnesses and specific conditions. Services include outpatient and inpatient emergency care, ward room use, laboratory and diagnostic procedures, and medicines as medically required. It is acceptedContinue reading “ER Care All-In 60 Kids”

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